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Welcome to RB & Co.!

At RB & Co.  Our specialty is pillows! Our line is unique, in that we offer a wide variety of throw pillows ranging from: Personalized Pillows, Inspirational Quote pillows, Kids pillows and Stunning throw pillows, offering both vivid and classic prints and textures, and our floor and meditation pillows. Our Inspiration Quote pillows feature hand brushed calligraphy lettering,  and our top of the line quality nursing pillows, as well as our body and lounge pillows are truly second to none.

Our Personalized Pillows include: Name Pillows, Monogram Pillows, Photo Pillows, Collage Pillows and "Add Your Own Quote" Pillows.  Simply send your photo, or quote by sending us a message!

We happily supply to the online consumer, as well as in bulk for the online/in-person retailer, institution and/or corporation.

We take pride in Customer Service, so feel free to touch base with us for any inquiries or concerns. We are happy to hear from you!