Why Use Upholstered Wall Panels?

Creating a beautiful and safe home environment can be as easy as using upholstered wall panels! Here are some ways to make use of them: 
1. Add a splash of color and texture with velvet or leather upholstery.
2. Use bright prints and designs to create a playful atmosphere.
3. Disguise imperfections and smooth out rough surfaces with an upholstered wall panel.
4. Utilize upholstered wall panels as a colorful and fun accent wall
5. Add some extra dimension and sound-dampening with comfortable and stylish upholstered wall panels
6. Use the panels to cover wires and outlets, providing extra safety in your room
7. Add upholstered wall panels to high-traffic areas to provide extra protection
With these great reasons you'll want to start exploring wall panels right away! RB & Co offers soft, padded Upholstered Wall Panels for rooms of all sizes, and include even fun, bright fabrics and prints for children's rooms.
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